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April 29, 2024

10 things to do in Rogoznica

Rogoznica is a beautiful coastal town in Croatia, in Sibenik County, which lies in a deep bay well protected from winds. It is often affectionatelly called the “Heart of Dalmatia”. Here, the North Adriatic separates from the South Adriatic, which is also reflected in the climate. Beautiful and really worth seeing is the historical old town of Rogoznica which resides on the Kopara island, connected with the mainland by an artificial bulk. It conjures up a grandiose backdrop with the picturesque Dalmatian stone houses, romantic squares, cozy cafés and restaurants Tourists from all over the world come to spend their vacations here!  Rogoznica also hosts several events during the summer, including the famous ‘Fishing Night’ and the ‘Rogoznica Night’, where locals and tourists enjoy music, food, and traditional activities.

Rogoznica is truly a small tourist paradise due to its white pebble beaches and turquoise blue sea and the comfortable and affordable accommodation in apartments, holiday homes and villas that is ideal for family vacations. If you can tear yourself away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic, then there are plenty of exciting experiences to encounter in Rogoznica and its surroundings. For visitors wondering what to do in Rogoznica, here are some of our recommendations (in no order of preference):

Kopara island in the centre of Rogoznica where The Sun Terrace apartment resides


In the historical old town of Rogoznica there are some interesting monuments and attractions. During a walk along the palm-lined promenade, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the bay and the marina on the opposite side. Especially in the morning, but also in the evening, tourists, as well as locals, meet in one of the many cozy cafés and good restaurants to enjoy the magnificent scenery.Rogoznica, Croatian sailing routes


Located at the top of Rogoznica old town island is the Lavender Labyrinth. It is a beautiful viewpoint with a sandstone statue of the Mother of the Sea at its center. In June, the lavender flowers attract bumblebees and butterflies. Close to it, enthroned on the highest point of Rogoznica is the Church of Our Lady of the Chapel Built in the 17th century. It’s a lovely place to explore the local architecture. 

Lavender Labyrinth -


Dragon’s Eye lake is a fascinating body of salty water known for its intriguing stories and legends.  It is located directly behind the marina Frapa, nestled in beautiful nature and surrounded by rock walls up to 24 meters high. You can freely visit the Dragon Eye, you can swim there, snorkel and also jump from its cliffs! So don’t forget to pack your swimwear and also your bathing shoes! Be aware that there is no proper beach area to put your towels on and the water may not be as clear as the nearby sea. The depth of this azure lake is almost 60 meters and there are adders that lead down into the rather warm salt water. A great experience that you won’t forget that soon.Dračie oko - Rogoznica


Opposite the historical center of Rogoznica is Marina Frapa. This huge marina is one of the most beautiful, exclusive and modern in Croatia. Walking along the promenade, one is amazed by the abundance of luxury yachts and sailboats that drop anchor here in this marina. The restaurants and bars are also fabulous, where you can enjoy Croatian delicacies served in a magnificent setting overlooking the old town. Even if you’re not into boats, the Coastal Promenade and nearby Blue Bay are worth exploring.Yacht Base Marina Frapa, Rogoznica


Rogoznica is surrounded by numerous beautiful coves and islands which are definitely worth exploring. If you are a motorboat license holder, rent a boat in the city center and explore the nearby bays like Uvala Borovica, Blue Bay, Zecevo, Sevid, Stari Trogir, Primosten or Grebastica. Or get a paddleboard or kayak and check the beaches in parts of Rogoznica accross the bay – Zatoglav, Razanj, Stupin Celine or Lozica.Uvala Borovica (Ražanj) Opčina Rogoznica - Croatia -


One of the biggest shrines to the Virgin Mary in the world is taking shape in the town of Primošten near Šibenik on the Dalmatian coast.The 17-meter high statue Lady of Loretto watches over Primošten and it was placed on its base on Gaj hill overlooking the city. There’s also a lot of olive and wine gardens around that add to the amazing view. Sunset there is the most amazing and peaceful place so it is worth walking to the top.

Have you ever been to Primošten town?


Fascinating force of water rumbling down travertine waterfalls in the midst of beautiful surroundings. Krka National Park is a stunning area surrounding the Krka river which was declared a national park in 1985. It is the second most visited national park in Croatia and the most popular one in Dalmatia. Krka is most famous for its 7 waterfalls and cascades, even though its appeal goes beyond that. The national park is home to a great variety of animal and plant species, some of which are endemic. It also boasts rich cultural-historical heritage which perfectly completes the story of the Krka river. The national park is divided into lower course, middle course and upper course areas, each with its irresistible attractions. Even though the most popular sights can be seen in a single day, for a full Krka experience a multi-day visit is well worth considering.Your Guide to Krka National Park in Wider Zadar Region


Located 5 minutes drive from Rogoznica, Primošten is really special and magical town. Similar to Rogoznica, Primosten is located on a picturesque peninsula and connected to the mainland by a thin causeway. In the meantime, Primošten has become a popular holiday resort and therefore it can get very crowded in summer. One of the beaches, Mala Raduča, has even been mentioned on the list of the top 10 beaches in Croatia! There is a rumour that Bill Gates wanted to buy one of the nearby islands between Rogoznica and Primosten. Old town on the island also offers plenty of picturesque restaurants.Primosten - Kroatien Reiseführer - von √


Trogir is our personal favourite when we want to make a change from Rogoznica and have a lunch or dinner in the narrow streets of the medieval town. Trogir is a typical Dalmatian historical town and harbour. It is situated on a small island between the mainland and the island of Čiovo. This colorful town was recognized by UNESCO in 1979 by gaining World’s Heritage status. It is very easy to walk through the town and enjoy many landmarks and attractions. A must-see attractions in the town are the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, known for its Romanesque door carved in the 13th century and the elegant bell tower. The Kamerlengo fortress, situated at the northern peak of the island, which enables you to walk the fortress. The fortress has also been used for concerts and other events, an open area during long and warm summer nights

31 Fun Things to Do in Trogir, Croatia - TourScanner


Split is a lively coastal city in Dalmatia, Croatia. Built around the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Split’s Old Town is protected under UNESCO World Heritage and is almost exclusively pedestrian. Made up of breathtaking Roman remains and charming cobblestone alleyways, Split boasts a lively bar scene, quirky shops, fantastic restaurants and one of our favorite waterfronts (Riva) in Croatia. While Split city is the second largest city in Croatia, its old core is very compact and fairly small. But don’t let that fool you, the city center of Split is so packed with history, architecture, culture and entertainment that you could easily spend days here, and not for a second would you get bored. The Diocletian’s Palace is the most famous attraction in Split and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll be blown away by this impressive Roman architectural remain dates back to the 4th century. 

Split Riva - CRO Traveller Info


Sibenik, as the oldest Croatian coastal town on the Adriatic, has a very rich historical and cultural heritage. In the 16th century Sibenik even was the biggest city in Dalmatia by population. Only 5 cities in the world have two UNESCO monuments. Sibenik is one of them. Sibenik Cathedral St. Jacob is a true architectural masterpiece. Gothic-Renaissance beauty is under UNESCO protection, its dome is 32-meter high. It is considered as the largest church in the world to be made entirely of stone. Very few fortresses are as picturesque and elegant as the Renaissance Fortress of St. Nicholas, located at the entrance to the wonderful St. Anthony channel, which serves as the door of Sibenik to the open sea and as the entrance to the town. It was built in the 16th century as defence from Turkish attacks and is one of the most attractive fortifications on the Adriatic Coast.

Soukromé vodopády Krka a město Šibenik - z Makarské | GetYourGuide

Welcome and enjoy your stay in Rogoznica, one of the most beautiful places in Croatia!

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